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Luxury Steam Rooms, Saunas & Complete Modular Systems

We've been working with the deluxe Italian brand EFFEGIBI for nearly 20 years now, delivering a first class bespoke Steam Room and Sauna design, installation and maintenance service throughout the UK.

Effegibi Steam Rooms

Our New range of made to measure Effegibi Steam Rooms feature full glass frontage and a range of Effegibi products depending on the size and specification of the unit.

Regardless of the size of space, we can build a fantastic steam room and sauna to your exact specification and design without limitations.

Effegibi Saunas

An outstanding product combining Effegibi's mastery of Technology, Design and Style to create an unrivaled finish and experience.

From the Talocci Design team, Logica is the culmination of many years' experience, resulting in a harmonious combination of both the Finnish sauna and hammam.

Complete Modular Systems

Effegibi Modular Systems are a range of Steam Room and Sauna Cabins designed and created in Italy with the Talocci Design Team.

From the Logica Twin to the new Yoku SH all the modular steam and sauna cabins are built using the highest quality materials and with our team we can create the perfect wellness experience.


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