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AUKI, which in Finnish means "open", is the name of the new line of saunas conceived by Talocci Design for Effegibi.  Its essential feature is its reference to traditional Finnish saunas combined with a modern design.


 The Effegibi Auki Sauna Range comes in 4 standard sizes that can be configured to a point and we also offer a completely bespoke service to design, build and install an Effegibi Sauna to any size or specification. You will see from our project portfolio that we have recently installed a Luxury Effegibi Auki Sauna into a very unique project, located in Yorkshire, England where the customer had a very tight space under the eaves. The project was very successful in maximising the space we had to create a fantastic 2 person Sauna using the Effegibi Auki as the base model.  For more information about the full range of Auki Sauna's please get in touch and we can arrange a free consultation.

Auki 7
Auki 12
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