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Effegibi Saunas

You can relax. We install Effegibi saunas all over the world. We'll deliver a First Class Spa Service into your home.

Effegibi AUKI

AUKI, which in Finnish means "open", is the name of the new line of saunas conceived by Talocci Design for Effegibi.

 Its essential feature is its reference to traditional Finnish saunas combined with a modern design.

Effegibi SKY

Effegibi Sky is created by Talocci Design for Effegibi, a combination of technology and style.

They have transformed the sauna into an item of furniture styled to fit attractively into any part of the home. 

Effegibi AIR

Effegibi Air is an original, contemporary design which, as the name implies, features a light and airy feel created by the suspended seating and symmetrical lines with the heater in a central position.

Effegibi YOKU

The inspiration behind its name is a particular branch of Japanese natural medicine based on the beneficial effects of contact with plants and the woodland atmosphere.

YOKU's essential, well-balanced minimalist design is also warm, welcoming and natural. The heater is built into the lowest bench thus displaying an uncluttered, linear effect.

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