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Complete Modular Systems

An outstanding product combining Effegibi's mastery of Technology, Design and Style to create an unrivaled finish and experience. From the Talocci Design team, Logica is the culmination of many years' experience, resulting in a harmonious combination of both the Finnish Sauna + Hammam systems.

YOKU Modular System

Yoku, designed by Marco Williams Fagioli, recreates the sensation of being totally immersed in nature, with all the surprising benefits this can have on our health.

LOGICA TWIN Modular System

A sauna and Turkish bath in one unit linked by a stylish shower space. Logica boasts all the functions of a complete spa, the perfect balance of practicality, aesthetics and technology.

Logica comes with latest generation technology and top quality materials: best Canadian hemlock wood and Slimtech® laminated grès porcelain, coupled with 15mm toughened glass for the platforms.

H-ONE Steam Cabin System

The Effegibi H-One Steam Cabin System incorporating a Turkish bath and shower, the Effegibi Aquasteam, the best steam generation technology on the market.

Available in three standard finishes or with personalised colour schemes.

Effegibi S-ONE

The Effegibi S-One , designed to be extremely practical. Made using top quality materials: the sauna is made from the finest Canadian hemlock wood.

Featuring the ESS - Effegibi Sound System delivers music from your own device.

Mudular MID System

The clear glass dividing the two environments creates a pleasant light and airy look. A complete system incorporating a sauna and a shower with Turkish bath

The Aquasteam steam generator runs on the best technology for the Turkish bath

BodyLove S & H

Functional, stylish, luxurious, a Rodolfo Dordoni design that engages all the senses. You can personalise your spa just as you want it.

Whether in a public or private space, BodyLove makes this possible with a modular system that can put together a sauna, Turkish bath, shower and relaxation area, with up-to-the-minute features and tailor-made materials.

BodyLove H

BodyLove guarantees steam quality that is unrivalled for its density, temperature and hygiene.

The Hammam is fitted with the Nuvola Smart Power steam generator, the most high-tech system on the market.

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