Bespoke Effegibi Nuvola Touch Steam Room


This is a good example of a “typical” steam room that we have been installing for Cala / Banner Homes for the last 10 years.

Using the Effegibi Nuvola Touch System, with single white light and glass touch control panel. We also use Effegibi Steam Room 8mm Glass Doors that are specifically designed for Steam Rooms, a key feature of a high performance wellness room.

The Steam Rooms also incorporate a shower, usually off from the home gym or pool area depending on the size of property. This particular Steam Room has a linear chrome finished drain and a traditional tiled curved bench.

Every property we have worked on for Cala Homes has a unique design and project scope depending on the size of the property, from apartments to full swimming pool complexes in larger houses.

Get in touch if you have a project in mind.